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According to an insightful Wall Street Journal report, Sony is looking to make deals with major publishers in order to put the PlayStation 5 in the best possible position when it launches next year. The publication claims that the platform holder is focusing on major, big budget titles – and it’s lining up both timed exclusivity and exclusive content to differentiate itself.

This will likely end up an extension of its PS4 strategy, where it partnered closely with major releases like Destiny and Watch Dogs to give it the upper-hand. If anything, its bargaining power is likely to have strengthened since the launch of its current-gen console, so don’t be surprised if it spotlights some whopping third-party titles when the PS5 is finally revealed to the world.

All this, according to WSJ, is coming at the expense of smaller indie studios – but the Japanese giant will no doubt be remembering the IndieStation 4 reputation it earned at the beginning of this generation. Look at the reaction to Sony’s earlier E3 press conference and even the recent State of Play: it’s pretty obvious what fans want, and the company looks poised to deliver.