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Update: Both respected Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier and industry analyst Daniel Ahmad have suggested that this product listing is accurate. So how's that body hopping going to work, then?

Amazon UK has just published a product page for Watch Dogs Legion, which sounds like the heavily rumoured third entry in the series. As per previous rumours, the synopsis describes a London-based open world adventure set in a “post-Brexit world”. The way the blurb’s written does seem a little suspect to us, as it says the British backdrop “makes total sense for WD” – we’re just not convinced a professional marketing team would write something like that.

Also unexpected is the gameplay description, which claims you can “play as anyone”. It explains: “Every individual you meet in the open world has a full set of animations, voice over, character traits, and visuals that are generated and guided by gameplay systems”. Sounds wildly ambitious if it turns out to be true – we wonder how the narrative would even justify being able to “body hop” like that. Then again, there were rumours that the release may be set in the far-flung future, which fits the whole "post-Brexit" thing we suppose.

Look, we’re not sure about this one, to be honest. We reckon it’s pretty obvious there’s a Watch Dogs 3 that’s days away from being announced, but will it be called Watch Dogs Legion? Eh. We’ve seen games leak through product listings just like this before, but this one seems fishier than an old-school chippy. Fortunately all will be cleared up within the week, as Ubisoft’s big E3 2019 press conference is right around the corner.

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