PS Plus PlayStation Plus July 2019 PS4 Games

Let's not beat around the bush: July 2019's PlayStation Plus selection has crashed and burned. PES 2019: Pro Evolution Soccer and Horizon Chase Turbo are the two PlayStation 4 games up for grabs next month, and the backlash to the announcement has been brutal to say the least. As we've already said in our latest feature on Sony's service, these aren't even bad games -- they're just not the kind of thing the vast majority of subscribers want to see on PS Plus.

But even if the whole world seems to think that July's PS Plus offering stinks, we still want your opinion. Are you actually looking forward to July's games? Maybe you don't think they're so bad? Or perhaps you're about ready to ditch your PS Plus subscription? Whatever your stance, vote in our poll and then give us your honest thoughts in the comments section below.

Are you happy with your PS Plus games for July 2019?
Which July 2019 PS Plus game are you most looking forward to?