No Man's Sky Billboard Thanks Hello Games

Here's a heartwarming story to lift your spirits ahead of the weekend: the No Man's Sky community over on Reddit have hired a billboard outside developer Hello Games' office. Why? To say thanks to the team, of course. Through crowdfunding, the community has raised over $2000 over on GoFundMe at the time of writing. That'll pay for the billboard as well as beers and lunch for the studio.

According to the fundraiser page, the billboard is within walking distance of the developer's office in Guildford, England. It'll apparently be there for a two week slot, starting on the 12th August. Wowed by the success of the campaign, organiser Cam G is going on to help raise money for child-focused charities.

Backing up a bit, the story of No Man's Sky has been an interesting one. The game was divisive at launch back in 2016, but Hello Games stuck to its guns and improved the experience massively over the next few years. In doing so, it's nurtured an incredibly dedicated community -- so dedicated that they're willing to say thanks with a billboard.

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