Beenox, developer of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, isn't hitting the brakes when it crosses the finish line. It was recently announced that the studio will be continuing support of the title long after it launches with seasonal Grand Prix content. These events are set to include new characters, tracks, and cosmetic items for CTR fans to enjoy.

The first Grand Prix season is called the Nitro Tour, and it'll bring Tawna, the trophy girls (now called Nitro Squad), and an original race track to the game when it arrives on 3rd July. The new course, called Twilight Tour, riffs on the Ancient Egypt and Arabian Town levels from Crash Bandicoot Warped. In this new gameplay video from E3 2019, you can see all of this post-launch goodness in action. We won't comment on the skill of the player, but the new track and characters are looking great.

Have a watch in the video above. The new track is the second race in the video. What do you think? Race down to the comments below.