Watch Dogs Legion Granny

Watch Dogs Legion's 'play as anyone' mechanic is certainly an ambitious one, but it turns out the feature only goes so far. The buck stops with our canine friends, who won't be playable in the game.

Speaking with IGN's Brian Altano, creative director Clint Hocking said: "There are no dogs in the game because if you’re gonna play as anyone, we would have to be able to support playing as a dog, because that’s only fair." Of course, it is a bit of a tongue in cheek comment, but it does represent one step back for the franchise. Watch Dogs 2 featured dogs and even allowed you to pet them, but now its sequel won't contain any trace of them.

It's a shame we won't get to see a man's best friends roaming the streets of London, but these are the setbacks you have to take if you want to implement such a lofty mechanic. Will you miss the existence of dogs after Brexit? Play catch with yourself in the comments below.