We're on the precipice of PlayStation 5, so it's safe to assume that games on the horizon will be looking to target next-gen platforms as well as what's available today. One such title, Watch Dogs Legion, is obviously coming to PS4, but at the end of the above video, creative director Clint Hocking seems to suggest it's PS5-bound too.

His answer to the question of when and where Legion will be releasing is pretty interesting: "March 6th 2020 on PlayStation platforms, Xbox platforms, and PC and Stadia". That's PlayStation platforms, plural -- and we can't see Ubisoft launching this game on PS3 or Vita.

A PS5 release of a game like this was a pretty safe bet, but this single quote more or less confirms Watch Dogs Legion's status as a cross-generation title. Whenever Sony's next-gen machine does arrive, we now expect Ubisoft's open world London to launch alongside it.

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