Marvel's Avengers PS4 PlayStation 4 E3 2019 1

Marvel’s Avengers wants to have its cake and eat it, which means lots of work for Crystal Dynamics and its half-dozen or so development partners. Despite looking like it leans heavily on co-op, the release actually has a full, bespoke single player campaign. Parts of this will see you bouncing between the game’s five heroes, while others will focus on specific characters and their unique gameplay abilities.

“As you go through that bespoke campaign, there will be missions that are tailored for certain heroes,” Crystal Dynamics studio head Scot Amos told Game Informer. “They all string together in a full arc, but you’re effectively unlocking those heroes.”

Of course, the title will also have co-op missions, but you’ll be able to play these solo if you prefer. “All that content, that's out there for co-op is also playable single player,” Amos added. “We have made this massive world where we’re going to keep adding more missions and more regions and more superheroes. I can play 99 per cent of that single player, but there are also pieces that we encourage you to go play in multiplayer, and that actually do further the story.”

You’ll be able to bounce between solo and multiplayer as you please, and you’ll be levelling up characters and unlocking new skills as you go. It’s unclear if you’ll be able to, for example, complete missions with a group of Hulks or Iron Men – we’re going to guess that if you’re playing co-op each participant will have to assume a unique role. But you’ll be able to customise your character as you please, with different gear and cosmetics teased.