Fall Guys has stood out to us over the course of this year's E3. That might be because the game looks like what a bag of Skittles might dream about, but in any case, we're looking forward to Devolver's madcap multiplayer platformer. In this interview with senior game designer Joe Walsh, we get a glimpse of gameplay, and it's as chaotic as we could've hoped.

This rainbow-coloured battle royale game was initially inspired by Takeshi's Castle, and has 100 jellybean shaped creatures competing to stay in the running long enough to earn victory. Each round, selected at random, is designed to eliminate a handful of players. One sees everyone running into doorways, some of which can't be broken down; another is a game of tag, where one half of the player count has tails, and the other half needs to chase them down and steal them.

As the player count shrinks, rounds designed for fewer players are looped into the mix. The final battle is an uphill gauntlet, where the ultimate prize stands waiting for the first Fall Guy to reach it. Throw in lots of character customisation, and this looks like a hilarious multiplayer winner to us. It's out next year on PlayStation 4.

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