Dying Light 2 V1 592434

Dying Light 2 might not have gotten its fare due at E3 2019 press conferences, but it's talking a big game during hands on sessions at the show. It sounds like a sequel that will impress many if Eurogamer's time with the title is anything to go by.

Again, courtesy of Eurogamer, we now know that the map will be four times bigger than the original's, but you'll only see about half of the content it has to offer in a typical playthrough. This is because the choices you make during heated and tense moments are going to have a dramatic effect on the world around you, shaping its environments, turning the people for or against you, and even gaining or losing the trust of factions spread throughout the city.

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Set fifteen years after Dying Light, you'll play as Aiden Caldwell, who takes it upon himself to set up a meeting between two rival gangs in order to try and solve the city's major water outage. This is where Eurogamer encountered its first major choice of the demo: "Perhaps unsurprisingly, the meeting went sour, with Frank getting shot by the renegades who then fled in a truck. This is where we saw our first big choice - stay with Frank and help him seek aid, or chase after the truck?"

Dying Light 2 is shaping to be an even bigger and better experience than the original, and so we're greatly anticipating this one when it releases next Spring. Are you as excited about the sequel as we are? Parkour into the comments below.

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