Well, there it is. Not long ago, rumours began to appear regarding a new Destroy All Humans title, but instead of a sequel, we're getting a remake. That's right, human hating alien Crypto will be causing havoc on PlayStation 4 "with a fresh lick of chrome".

There's little to go on right now, but this appears to be a straight remake of the original Destroy All Humans, a PS2 action adventure in which you play as a pint-sized alien hell bent on eradicating humanity. You have access to a handful of futuristic weapons and psychic abilities as you explore fairly big environments in 1950s America. It's all delivered with tongue firmly in cheek, as you can probably tell from the Rammstein-infused trailer.

This is THQ Nordic's third and final game reveal for E3 2019. Hopefully we'll learn more as the show gets underway. Are you excited to see the return of Destroy All Humans? Watch where you're pointing those probes in the comments below.

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