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Back in 2017, SEGA released two new games in its most iconic franchise: Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces. While the quality between the pair wasn't exactly consistent, it was an impressive year for a series that, despite everything, continues to sell in droves. It seems as though Sonic Team might be plotting a similar approach when the hedgehog turns 30 in 2021, if new comments from Takashi Iizuka are anything to go by.

Speaking with Game Informer during E3 2019, the Sonic Team boss teased its plans for the milestone year. "2017 was a big year for Sonic. The next big year for Sonic is 2021. That’s the 30-year anniversary for Sonic. We are now preparing". Additionally, it was pointed out that Sonic Generations was released in celebration of the 20th anniversary. Asked if something akin to this is planned for the 30th, Iizuka replied, "Maybe".

So, it sounds like new games are off the table until the blue blur's 30th birthday, but hopefully Sonic Team will pull out all the stops. By pull out all the stops, we mean Sonic Mania 2, please and thank you. Anyway, the movie arrives next year to tide fans over -- let's hope it's half-way decent, eh?

Are you excited for the future of Sonic games, or is it time he was put out to pasture? Go supersonic in the comments below.

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