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Well, there we have it: the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been delayed to February 2020 following the severe backlash to the character design of everyone's favourite speedy, blue mascot.

Director Jeff Fowler took to Twitter to announce the delay, which sees the film pushed back four months from its original late 2019 release date. Sonic will now speed into cinemas on 14th February of next year - perfect for a valentine date.

The tweet also comes with a hashtag that calls out the VFX artists working on the film, who were a point of contention for many when the initial design was revealed. Fans were worried that the stresses of crunch and overtime would hit the team hard if the original 2019 date was stuck to, but this pushback thankfully alleviates those fears.

Are you happy about the delay? Who are you taking to catch Sonic on Valentines Day? Whizz into the comments below.

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