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We've been hearing about the alleged Watch Dogs 3 for quite some time now. Heavily rumoured to take place in London, a third game in Ubisoft's open world hack-em-up series is inevitable. More fuel has been added to the fire today thanks to an image on the Watch Dogs subreddit.

Watch Dogs 3 Reddit Image Leak
Image: Reddit

The picture, a screenshot from a smartphone, contains what looks like a forum post, and it's spouting all sorts of information about the game. It claims Watch Dogs 3 will indeed be set in London - a near-future version, at least - and that we'll be playing as Sarah, a half-Asian, half-British woman working for an anti-terrorist organisation. She'll supposedly be tasked with taking down a hacker group from the inside. So far, it's sounding very Watch Dogs.

The image also asserts that lethal weapons won't be in the game, restricting offensive options to the likes of batons and tasers. Watch Dogs 2's parkour will be improved upon, and players will be able to ride a skateboard and graffiti the city. You'll also be able to take down drug dens as one of the side missions found in the open world. Finally, the image claims Ubisoft will tease the game a couple of weeks prior to E3 2019, where the publisher will fully reveal the sequel and announce a late 2019 release date.

Some of this information has been suggested already, but we can't be certain this is all true. To be honest, it sounds pretty legit from where we're sitting, but these types of images are easy enough to mock up. If what it says is true, we should start seeing official Watch Dogs 3 stuff very soon indeed.

What do you think? Is this pic the real deal, or is it a load of rubbish? Get your pinches of salt ready in the comments below.

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