A very impressive Grand Theft Auto V PC graphics mod is currently doing the rounds in video form, and it's actually a great example of what we may come to expect from the PS5's ray tracing tech.

For those out of the loop, ray tracing is a feature that Sony is already emphasising whenever it's talking about the PS5. Without getting too technical, ray tracing is a method of simulating more realistic lighting effects in computer graphics. In other words, it allows for light to coat surfaces and fill space in a much more realistic way, often resulting in visuals that are closer to photorealism, both at first glance and on closer inspection.

Again, the video that we've embedded above is a fantastic example. There are both outdoor shots and indoor shots that show off ray tracing to excellent effect, and this is the same kind of tech that developers will be harnessing on the PS5.

The mod itself stems from the work of Pascal Gilcher, a specialist in creating graphics mods and shaders. One of Gilcher's Patreon supporters applied Gilcher's still-in-development ray tracing mod to the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, and here we are.

Anyway, if you've never been quite sure what ray tracing is all about, hopefully you're a little more up to speed now. You can probably expect to see similar tech demos, specifically for next-gen consoles, over the coming months as we get closer and closer to the PS5's release (which is supposedly happening next year). If you haven't already seen it, EA recently released its own footage of some next-gen hair. Interesting stuff.

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