Outbreak Prime

One of the best things about Bungie's take on the looter shooter is the air of mystery that surrounds it all. Destiny 2 has had its fair share of vague quest steps and baffling puzzles, and one more cropped up yesterday in the form of a hidden exotic quest that upon completion, will reward players with the Outbreak Prime pulse rifle.

As part of the 2.2.2 patch, players discovered a new exotic quest inside the Bad Neighbours heroic adventure on planet Titan via a Fallen Transponder inside a hidden room. From there, you need to locate nodes in certain Lost Sectors and then you'll encounter Mithrax, a returning character from the original Destiny. A couple more missions later and you'll get your hands on the Outbreak Prime. For a full guide to the quest, head over to Gamespot.

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[source gamespot.com]