Sony State Of Play Final Fantsy 7 Remake

How often do we get to link back to an article we wrote in December of 2015? Such is the development timeline of Final Fantasy VII Remake, that Square Enix has reiterated that the game will still be split up into multiple episodes, as seen in the tweet below.

Upon the original announcement, it was sort of assumed that nearly every episode would make its way to PS4, but over three years down the line, splitting the game up into parts throws up new questions. We assume the first episode will arrive before the PS5 does, but will it receive a next-gen release shortly afterwards in order to take advantage of that additional power?

Save data also needs to be taken into consideration, because the likes of your level and inventory will have to be transferred between episodes, throwing up the question of pulling across data from the PS4 to the PS5. Of course, the first PS4 episode will be fully playable on the PS5 via backwards compatibilty, still giving you access to what is described as a full game.

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