Everybody's Golf VR is edging closer and closer to its Tuesday release, and to get you in the mood for a birdie, the game's Trophy list has popped up on Exophase. It's a list that spans 30 different achievements, some of which will require quite the investment.

Alongside unlocking different courses and clubs, you'll need to see all Riko and Lucy events, rack up a total of 300 holes, and hit a hole-in-one. Seems simple enough, right? Correct, but it's further down the list where things start to get tough. You'll also have to complete an entire 18 hole course under par, as well as achieving at least a birdie on every single hole in the game.

Combine this with the fact that even Push Square editor and Everybody's Golf veteran Sammy Barker is struggling to even hit the ball correctly in PlayStation VR, and you've got an experience that appears to have a significant learning curve as well as difficult challenges for those looking to master their swing.

Are you going to go for the Platinum Trophy? Show off your clubs in the comments below.

[source exophase.com]