Hot Shots Golf has always traded on its instant accessibility, but new entry Everybody’s Golf VR looks set to have a significant learning curve. Make no mistake: this has not suddenly become a simulator – it’s still a colourful, arcade romp. But by favouring motion controls over the click-click-click format of old, it can be difficult to even hit the ball – let alone direct it exactly where you desire.

Using a single PlayStation Move motion controller – the DualShock 4 is also an option – you need to physically swing through the ball, connecting with it cleanly. Spin can be applied by angling your wrist as you connect with the ball, and in our case this meant that every single one of our shots faded out to the right. Apparently we don’t have the cleanest swing in the world.

It means that you’re really going to need to practice before hitting the links for real, otherwise you’re going to be slotting home double bogeys with more frequency than when you pick your nose. Putting is similarly challenging due to the accuracy demanded, but we’re sure that with practice we’ll be able to improve. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for anyway.

One neat trick in this new game is how it utilises PlayStation VR to bring you closer to your caddie, and while the voice acting is universally atrocious, we like the idea of being able to look to a friendly face when out on the course. Visually this is a feast, as you’d expect from Clap-Hanz and Japan Studio – we just hope we can nail the swing mechanic prior to launch.

Did you try out the Everybody's Golf VR demo? Have you got a better swing than us? Are you going to pick up the full game later in the month? Remember to scream "Fore!" in the comments section below.