World War Z PS4 PlayStation 4 Deal of the Week Europe Store

Well, that was pretty fast. The Deal of the Week is primarily reserved for PlayStation 4 titles that have been around a year or two, but the latest discount offers up World War Z, which came out just over a month ago. All this week, European PS4 users can grab the zombie shooter for 30 percent off, taking the price tag down to £24.49 / €27.99.

It's not the bargain of the century, but it's interesting to see such a recent game have its price slashed. Especially when you consider the game has supposedly been doing well for itself in terms of sales. If you were waiting for the price to come down, looks like a reduction has come faster than you might've imagined.

Have you bought World War Z on PS4? Will you be nabbing the co-op shooter at this lower price? Escape the horde in the comments below.

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