Just a few hours ago, a PlayStation Blog post from Beenox detailed the revamped Adventure Mode in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. Now, a new video courtesy of PlayStation Underground has made its way online, and it too focuses on the single player campaign. The 20-minute gameplay video shows off a bunch of brand new footage, so it's worth a watch.

The differences between the Classic and Nitro-Fueled versions of Adventure Mode are explained -- the latter lets you choose a difficulty level and allows you to swap out characters and change their appearance whenever you like, while the former is pretty much how you remember the original. We also see the intro cutscene, of course jazzed up for the remake, as well as various hub worlds and some races, including a boss race.

It's all looking pretty sharp. This must be a final build now, as we're just a few weeks away from release, and it seems to be a robust package. Hopefully it holds up when we get to play it nearer launch. Are you excited to play the new Adventure Mode in CTR Nitro-Fueled? Dodge some TNT in the comments below.

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