Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled PS4 PlayStation 4 Adventure Mode

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled wouldn't be a very faithful remake of CTR without Adventure Mode. The single player campaign we all know and love will indeed be present and correct in Activision's modern spin on the kart racer, and developer Beenox has revealed the first details.

Thomas Wilson, creative director on the game, has outlined what to expect from Nitro-Fueled's Adventure Mode on the PlayStation Blog. It seems the overall structure will be identical, with updated hubs and all the same events that you'd expect. However, one big change will see players rewarded far more often.

"Instead of just earning the boss characters like in the original, players will now earn something every time they win a race," says Wilson. "Players will be getting new kart parts, character skins, or kart customisation items with every victory."

He also states that boss characters will be unlocked immediately after you defeat them, rather than after Gem Cups. Additionally, you'll be able to play Adventure Mode in two ways: Classic or Nitro-Fueled. The difference is that, in Nitro-Fueled, you'll be able to customise racers and their cars at any time, swapping out characters and applying new parts as you see fit. In Classic, you'll still earn all the customisation options, but you won't have the luxury of switching things up.

As expected, it sounds like the Adventure Mode is shaping up well. The game is now less than a month away. Are you excited to explore Adventure Mode in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled? Boost into the comments below.