World War Z is less than two weeks away from release now, but it's not up until now that we've really had a solid idea of how the game is structured or how it plays outside of its co-op capabilities. With a new trailer that wouldn't look so out of place on the Rockstar Games YouTube channel, the video above from developer Saber Interactive explains all.

The commentary explains how the game is structured, with four different chapters that each have their own story, chapters, and objectives. Meanwhile, the AI director will spawn a different number of zombies depending on how you approach combat. A more aggressive style will spawn more zombies while taking the stealthy route will conserve ammo and health. Loot also plays a big part in the experience, with better pick-ups to be found off the beaten path.

From the looks of things, this one is actually shaping up to be pretty decent. But what do you think? Will you be playing World War Z as a primer for Days Gone? Slaughter the horde in the comments below.