PlayStation Now PS Now Sony 1

Sony’s next-generation console will not forego the staples that we’ve come to expect from a PlayStation platform. It will still feature a disc drive, and you will be able to play games using physical media – it’s as traditional as hardware comes in those respects, then. That doesn’t mean that the Japanese giant isn’t keeping a close eye on the future, though.

Specifically there’s lots of chatter about cloud gaming at the moment, with Google Stadia and Microsoft’s own Project xCloud dominating the conversation. Of course, Sony is the only gaming manufacturer to currently offer a cloud gaming solution in the form of PlayStation Now – and system architect Mark Cerny was eager to point that out when quizzed by the media.

“We are cloud-gaming pioneers,” he told Wired. “Our vision should become clear as we head toward launch.” We’d expect more information on the future of PS Now over the next 18 months, then – which should be interesting given that the PlayStation maker has more or less been written out of this conversation in recent weeks.