Borderlands 3 Release Date

If you watched the dreadful Gearbox PAX stream the other day, where Borderlands 3 was officially announced, then you'll know that the developer just loves hiding secret messages in trailers for its games. With that in mind, Reddit user Zottelpanda reckons that the release date for Borderlands 3 is hidden in its reveal trailer.

Buildings with bold numbers painted on them are dotted throughout said trailer. Put them together, and supposedly, you get a date that reads 10/01. It's assumed that this is the 1st October 2019, since Gearbox would use the American date format where the month comes before the day. And yes, the 1st October is a Tuesday this year, so it seems to add up.

Okay, so it is a little shaky, but we can certainly see the logic. It's also worth noting that Gearbox has a history of releasing games in October. Both the original Borderlands and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel launched in October, in 2009 and 2014, respectively.

What do you make of this? Are you a believer? Dream about guns in the comments section below.

Update: This rumour may have just been debunked, if a now-deleted tweet from the official Borderlands 3 Twitter account is to be believed. Said tweet supposedly leaked the actual release date, which you can read about through here.