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Sucker Punch is looking for a narrative writer to help flesh out Ghost of Tsushima’s open world, and it’s got some fans in a frenzy. The Seattle-based studio is after a scribe who can write “high quality dialogue under tight deadlines for a diverse cast of characters who live in the world of 13th century Japan”. Apparently this means that the title is still a long way away.

Some publications are pushing the idea that the inFAMOUS developer is only just getting started on the story, even though it hired a couple of lead writers a few years ago. Our guess is that it’s simply bolstering its team as it attempts to flesh out the sandbox – there’s nothing worse than a beautiful open world with nothing in it, after all.

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The job listing itself reinforces this idea, stating that candidates will contribute to “other creative areas of the narrative including secondary game content, dialogue barks, and writing content for marketing materials”. Of course it could all mean that the project is still several years away, but that’s not exactly realistic, is it?

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