Kingdom Hearts III 14

Just off the back of its Critical Mode update, series director Tetsuya Nomura has revealed what fans can expect from Kingdom Hearts III when it comes to post-launch content. There'll be a number of further free updates, while more significant expansions will require payment.

The content rollout has a suitably stupid name - titled "Kingdom Hearts ReMIND" - and it'll kick proceedings off with new keyblades and a new form for all players free of charge. If you're prepared to put some cash down though, the offering is significantly increased.

An additional scenario named ReMIND is coming at some point, followed by further pieces of DLC called a limit episode and a secret episode. Both will contain a new boss, while the Japanese version of the game is set to get English voice acting as an option.

No date or pricing was announced, so expect to hear more from Square Enix at its E3 2019 press conference on 10th June. Are you excited for more Kingdom Hearts III? Speculate about what we need to be ReMINDed of in the comments below.