Days Gone is the ambitious action game from Sony Bend, and it's heading to PS4 very soon. As preparation is key to surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, we've put together this FAQ in order to answer any lingering questions you may have about this upcoming title. While the game is still a few months away, plenty of information has been made available -- here's all the important answers you need.

What is the release date for Days Gone?

Days Gone is set to release exclusively on PS4 on 26th April, 2019.

Are there any pre-order bonuses for Days Gone?

Pre-order any version of Days Gone and you'll receive early access to the Drifter Crossbow weapon. You'll also get some upgrades for your bike, including enhancements for the fuel tank, nitrious, and shroud. If you pre-order digitally via the PlayStation Store, you'll also get a dynamic theme for your PS4.

Is there a Days Gone collector's edition?

There are a couple of special edition versions of the game available to pre-order. The digital deluxe edition on the PlayStation Store includes a digital artbook, soundtrack, three extra skins for your bike, and an additional skill unlock and dynamic theme.

A physical collector's edition is also available. It includes a steelbook case, artbook, soundtrack, a patch, some pins, a few digital goodies, and a statue.

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When will Days Gone's pre-load begin?

If you pre-order Days Gone digitally on PlayStation Store, you'll have the option to pre-load the game, meaning you can download it ahead of time to ensure it's installed prior to launch. Pre-load is live right now.

Is Days Gone open world?

Yes, Days Gone is set in an open world map based on the state of Oregon. You'll be able to traverse the post-apocalyptic world via Deacon's motorbike.

Who are the characters of Days Gone?

The game stars Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic Oregon. He and his best friend, Boozer, roam the state in search of shelter, sustenance, and anything they can find to help them on their way. We also know about Deacon's wife, Sarah, who we'll get to know through flashbacks before the Freakers arrived.

Who plays Deacon in Days Gone?

Deacon St. John is played by Sam Witwer, an actor who's found success across movies, television, and video games. He played Lt. Crashdown in Battlestar Galactica, Neil Perry in Dexter, and Aidan in Being Human. In the world of games, he has a recurring role as the voice of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Maul in various Star Wars titles.

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Can you upgrade and customise Deacon's motorbike in Days Gone?

Deacon's drifter bike is your sole mode of transportation, so you need to take care of it as you explore the open world. You'll need to fix any damage, top it up with fuel, and keep it safe from thieves and scavengers. Upgrading and customising the motorcycle will be integral to survival -- you're able to enhance various aspects of the bike to make it more reliable.

It also acts as a mobile save point, and can carry limited amounts of extra equipment, so it's an essential tool you'll need to manage in Days Gone.

What are the Freakers and enemies in Days Gone?

Freakers are the zombie-like creatures that pose a threat in Days Gone. They're infected and mutated humans that will attack you on sight. Sometimes you'll only need to deal with a few at a time, but they also roam the open world in hordes, which can number in the hundreds.

There are various types of Freaker that you'll have to take on. Swarmers are the most common, roaming around in smaller packs or giant hordes. Newts are smaller enemies that'll target you when you're low on health. Screamers will alert other Freakers to your presence, and Breakers are tank-like brutes.

However, you'll also have to deal with human enemies, wolves, bears, and no doubt other wildlife.

What do you do in Days Gone?

Days Gone is an open world survival game, so you'll be traversing the infested state of Oregon, carrying out missions, and fending off dozens of Freakers. A large part of the gameplay will centre around Deacon's motorbike, which will be your sole vehicle for getting around the world. You'll need to look after it, as you won't get another one, and you can't summon it to your side, so ensuring it's safe and well maintained will be important. You can carry out jobs for encampments to build up trust, while there are Freaker nests and bandit camps to clear out.

You can read much more about how Days Gone plays in our hands-on preview.

How long is the story in Days Gone?

The developer has estimated that it'll take you roughly 30 hours or so to get through Days Gone. However, as this is an open world title, your actual play time will vary depending on how much you explore outside of the main story beats.

Is there crafting in Days Gone?

Yes, crafting will be a big part of the gameplay. You'll be able to craft medicine, weapons, upgrades, and other useful items from resources you gather in the open world.

Can you fast travel in Days Gone?

Yes, but you have to earn it. Fast travel points on the map start off as Freaker nests, and you'll need to destroy them before you can use them to efficiently move around the world.

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Is there multiplayer in Days Gone?

You might think Days Gone would be a good fit for multiplayer or co-op, but we're afraid you'll be travelling Oregon alone. Days Gone is a single player only experience. Apparently, a multiplayer mode was pitched by a different studio, but Sony turned it down. There's always the possibility a multiplayer aspect could be added later, but we're not holding our breath.

Does Days Gone have a photo mode?

Yes, it's been confirmed that Days Gone will have a photo mode. It seems to be pretty robust, offering all the usual bells and whistles you'd expect. Photo mode will be in the game at launch.

Will there be DLC for Days Gone?

Bend Studio has confirmed that extra content will be coming to Days Gone after launch. We now know that it'll get started in June, and includes an extra difficulty mode as well as Bike, Horde, and Combat challenges. This DLC for Days Gone will be free of charge.

Who is SIE Bend Studio?

Bend Studio goes way back with PlayStation. It's undoubtedly best known for creating the Syphon Filter series on PSone and PS2, but more recently, it also created games for Sony's handheld consoles. Resistance: Retribution on PSP and Uncharted: Golden Abyss on Vita were both received well, and it's with the ambitious Days Gone that the developer hopes to graduate onto a more modern platform.