Dragon Age 4

According to yet another Kotaku report, it sounds like BioWare has barely begun stitching the next Dragon Age game together. Based on anonymous comments from developers at the studio, the report states that Dragon Age 4 -- or whatever it ends up being called -- is still in "very early" production.

You may remember that Dragon Age 4 got a teaser trailer at The Game Awards last year, but the project seems to be a long, long way off. In fact, it sounds like BioWare doesn't even really know what the next Dragon Age should be. Some sources described the project as "ANTHEM with dragons" -- which doesn't exactly inspire confidence -- but more recent comments suggest that particular description is inaccurate.

Speaking of ANTHEM, its generally negative reception could end up having an impact on the development of Dragon Age 4. The report doesn't go into detail, but it only makes sense that BioWare and EA don't want another eventual disaster on their hands.

The more we read of these reports, the more it's clear that BioWare is struggling to keep up. The studio supposedly rebooted Dragon Age 4 entirely in 2018. This was after its previous incarnation was stalled in 2016 so that members of the development team could help out with the ill-fated Mass Effect: Andromeda, and then cancelled in 2017 so BioWare could have everyone working on the internal dumpster fire that was ANTHEM. Basically, the whole thing sounds like it was an absolute mess.

And so here we are in 2019, and no one seems to know what Dragon Age 4 actually is yet. Will we ever get to see it? At this point, who can say.

[source kotaku.com]