Devil May Cry 5 Censorship

What even is this story? If you've been keeping up, you'll already know that a scene in Devil May Cry 5 was censored on PlayStation 4 here in the West, and when we say censored, we mean the bare buttocks of a lady were partially obscured by lens flare. It was one of the most pointless and pedantic edits that we've seen in a long time.

And now it's gone. For whatever reason, the latest Devil May Cry 5 update -- the one that added the Bloody Palace -- actually removes the lens flare, making the butt fully visible once again... But only in North America. Why? We haven't got a clue. According to Eurogamer, the lens flare is still there in Europe.

Look, the lens flare barely makes a difference to begin with, but this story just gets dumber by the day. We're still trying to wrap our heads around why the scene was even censored in the first place.

Truly baffling stuff.