Borderlands 3 Offline Co Op Shared Loot

Alongside the game's release date, Gearbox has relayed some new info on Borderlands 3. The developer confirms that the title will feature both online and offline co-op, the latter taking the form of split-screen. Also in regards to co-op, you apparently won't have to worry about differences in character levels, as it sounds like the game will balance things out automatically.

On top of that, you'll no longer have to fight your friends over loot drops. In previous Borderlands games, loot would be shared, meaning that other players could grab loot before you and it'd be gone. In Borderlands 3, you'll be able to toggle separate loot on and off, depending on how you want to play. A thoughtful addition.

Are you a big fan of Borderlands co-op? Let us know if you'll be tackling Borderlands 3 with a friend or two in the comments section below.