PlayStation 5 PS5 DualShock 5 Rumour Sony 1

We’d put money on the PlayStation 5 still being a good 18 months away, but that means it’s ripe for the odd rumour or three, right? What about clearly fake, mock-up photographs? Well, we’re off, with our first “look” at the DualShock 5 – except this is less authentic than a Hollywood smile. The bogus input device includes a small touchscreen on the front, because that was rumoured once.

Look, this hasn’t been corroborated by any reliable sources and is clearly a total sham – after all, why else would the display say “follow the white rabbit” on the front? It’ll be interesting to see what form the PS5’s controller adopts, though, won’t it? Touchscreen? Touchpad? Lightbar? Other original features? We’re eager to see what Sony ultimately attempts to do.