EA Access Rumour PS4 PlayStation 4

There's nothing like a ropey image to lend credence to a rumour, is there? You may recall publisher EA mention during a conference call that it plans to bring its subscription service, EA Access, to "another major platform" in 2019. Many assumed this major platform to be PlayStation 4, despite Sony's initial stance against it, declaring it poor value for money.

Rumour EA Access Brazil PS Store PS4 PlayStation 4
Image: Sabazin

Well, if the above image is anything to go by, we could see EA Access on PS4 sooner rather than later. Posted on Reddit, this blurry shot shows the Brazilian PlayStation Store, where someone clocked the icon for EA's service. Another user on Reddit claims the text below the logo reads, "now available," which suggests it's ready to go. That's if this image is real, of course; it could still be a big fat fake. However, it does line up with EA's aforementioned comments.

We imagine that, whether this picture is real or not, EA Access will appear on your PS4 some time soon. Do you want EA Access on Sony's console? Would you use it, or are you not interested? Subscribe to the comments section below.

[source reddit.com, via resetera.com]