EA Access PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Early in the generation, when Microsoft would have chopped off its own arm for a public relations win, EA Access was a big point of conversation. The subscription service – which Sony controversially blocked on the PlayStation 4 – effectively provides, er, access to a vault of older Electronic Arts titles. It also unlocks discounts, and lets you try out select titles prior to release.

But despite it being a relatively popular option for fans of EA’s games, the PlayStation maker has been dead against it from the start, suggesting that it represents poor value. It seems like its stance may be softening, however, as the publisher said overnight that it plans to bring the service to “another major platform” this year. It didn’t specify beyond that.

Now there’s obviously a possibility it could be talking about the Nintendo Switch here, but with that console only playing host to a handful of EA’s games, the PS4 seems much, much more likely. Pushed for further comment, the publisher’s said that it has “no further details to share at this point”, but we’re sure all will be officially revealed in the very near future.

[source gamespot.com]