Battlefield V's release feels like a lifetime ago, doesn't it? We're sure the FPS is popular, having sold upwards of 7 million copies, but you just don't really hear about it anymore. One aspect that many fans will be looking forward to, though, is the release of Firestorm, the game's Battle Royale mode. Scheduled for release this month, we haven't seen all that much about it -- until today.

The above video, taken from EA's content servers, appears to be a tutorial video of sorts, giving a broad view of how Firestorm operates. The quality of the video is pretty poor, but you'll easily get the idea. Playable in solo, duo, or squads, you'll parachute into a huge 64-player map, scavenging for weapons of varying rarity, backpacks, and other equipment to help you be the last one standing. It largely sticks to the regular Battle Royale rules, although downed players can continue to fight with a sidearm and can be revived by a teammate.

Another differentiator is the variety of vehicles you'll be able to use. Helicopters, tanks, and more will let you cover ground quickly, but obviously, you'll be a much bigger target, and Battlefield's long history of vehicles in multiplayer means there will be plenty of ways to take them down.

There's still no word on a final release date for Firestorm, but with DICE teasing more information soon, it seems it won't be much longer. Are you excited to play Battle Royale in Battlefield V, or has it missed the boat? Stay in the circle in the comments below.

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