Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Intel Locations Cheats Guide PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Where are all the Intel collectibles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered? What cheats do they unlock, and how do you use them? As with the original game on PlayStation 3, Modern Warfare Remastered has 30 laptops to find throughout the single player campaign, referred to as Intel. Not only does collecting these earn you a trophy or two, you'll also unlock the ability to use various game altering cheats. In this guide, we'll tell you where to find each piece of Intel in each mission.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - Where to find all Intel laptops

Below, we'll give you a brief description of where you'll find each of the 30 Intel collectibles. Here's a breakdown, mission by mission. There are two or three Intel laptops to find in each level.

Crew Expendable

1: After you rappel down to the boat, you'll head down some steps and kill a drunk soldier. In the room next to him is the first laptop, next to a bunk bed.

2: You'll make your way down a hallway flooded in red light, and a teammate will throw a flash bang grenade. After you enter a shipping container, head down the stairs to your right and turn left to find the next piece of Intel.


3: After you've dealt with the first group of baddies, enter the building on the left. The next Intel is by the TV.

4: In the house where you find Nikolai (you'll be wearing your night vision goggles), go beyond that main room to find a bathroom. The fourth Intel is next to a toilet.

Charlie Don't Surf

5: In the first building, go down the steps and deal with the bad guys. At the back of the big room is a smaller room containing the next laptop.

6: This one is slightly off the main path. The game will want you to cross a raised street, but before you do, head right and into a building with an open doorway. Go up the stairs and you'll find the Intel.

7: After you cross that big street, find a blue car. There are some steps on the right -- head up there to find this mission's last Intel.

The Bog

8: During the sequence with night vision, go through to the opposite room in the corridor and look to your left.

9: Once you've dealt with the tanks, head through the hole in the fence. At each fork in the path, take a left until you come to a flaming barrel and a big stack of boxes on a wooden pallet. Look behind the boxes and you should see the laptop.


10: There's a point in the mission where you'll be hit with an enemy flash bang. Once you're past this, locate the building with a flaming barrel by the door. Inside you'll see the next piece of Intel.

11: Fight your way through the greenhouses. Opposite the big barn you'll see a sheltered area with tables and chairs. On one of the tables is the next laptop.

War Pig

12: Once you're through the large arch, turn right and look for a three-storey building. Next to it is a smaller building with a hole in the wall. Go through there and search the left-most room for the Intel.

13: Look out for a shop with clothes in the window. Inside are some stairs -- go up and enter the second room on the right to find the next Intel.

14: Near the end of the mission, you'll see three allies shooting at some tanks. One soldier will stop you from entering this room, so head down the hall to find another room. The laptop is in here.

Shock and Awe

15: After you rescue the recon squad, search the upper floor of the building. In the far right corner, you should find the Intel between two barrels.

16: There will be a small building by some shipping containers. Head upstairs and look for a closet to find the hidden laptop.


17: Enter the first building after the forested area. Upstairs, go into the bedroom straight across to find the next Intel.

18: This Intel is in a house between a burning building and a water tower. You'll find the laptop on a table.

All Ghillied Up

19: Follow MacMillan through the church. In the back room is a ladder -- climb it and you'll find the Intel.

20: In the area with all the shipping containers, MacMillan will take down a soldier with a knife and head left. Instead of following him, head right and through a container. The laptop is on top of a couple of barrels, but there are enemies to watch out for. You can grab it if you stay quiet and sneaky.

21: Shoot the sniper on the fire escape, and let MacMillan go forward and through the first window. You should instead go all the way to the top and through another window to find the Intel.

One Shot, One Kill

22: You'll be carrying MacMillan out of the building with the dogs. Walk down the slope and through a broken wall, then look for a fire escape on the right. Up the ladder and the escape is the next Intel laptop.

23: This one's a bit tricky. Towards the end of the mission you'll be fending off waves of baddies until the rescue helicopter arrives. You need enemies to open the doors on the far right (facing the apartment buildings), but this doesn't always happen. This is where you'll find the Intel, so if it doesn't trigger, you might have to replay this section a couple of times.

The Sins of the Father

24: Another tricky one. In the first building, look for the laptop on the left hand side, but you'll have to be quick before the camera fades to black.

25: During the chase scene, you're told to head down an alley to the left. Go down and turn right at the wrecked car. Head up the metal stairs to find the Intel on a table.


26: There's a courtyard with a rusty car in the middle. After you've fended off a bunch of enemies, look for an L-shaped building and an open shutter with a number 2 painted to the left. Inside is the next laptop.

All In

27: Once you've blown up the gate, look to your right to find an alleyway. At the end you should find the next laptop.

28: Once you've dealt with the tanks, look for an open aircraft hangar on the right. At the back you should see the Intel on the floor.

No Fighting in the War Room

29: After you've left the flooded toilets, turn left in the red hallway. Keep going until the fourth door on the left. At the far end of the table is the Intel.

30: On the upper level of the mission control room, look for a room with a smaller version of the blue and green map. The final Intel laptop is on the table.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Intel Locations Cheats Guide PS4 PlayStation 4 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - All cheats, what they do, and how to unlock them

There are a few cheats and filters you can unlock in Modern Warfare Remastered, earned by finding the Intel collectibles. Once you've found all the Intel, you'll have access to the following cheats, which can all be toggled on and off within the menu.

  • COD Noir -- Turns the game black and white
  • Photo Negative -- Inverts the game's colours
  • Super Contrast -- Turns up the contrast on the game's visuals
  • Ragtime Warfare -- A filter that turns the game black and white, adds film grain, and replaces audio with ragtime piano music. The speed of the game is also increased
  • Cluster Bombs -- All grenades are cluster bombs, effectively exploding six times each
  • A Bad Year -- Enemies turn into car tyres when killed. Get it? Goodyear? No?
  • Slow Motion Mode -- Enables a slow motion mode when you press the melee button
  • Infinite Ammo -- Gives you unlimited ammunition
  • Melon Heads -- Enemies have their heads replaced with watermelons
  • Lemon-nade -- Grenades are replaced with lemons
  • Ragdoll Impact -- The ragdoll physics on dead bodies is turned up to 11
  • Zakhaev's Sons -- All enemies become the son of Zakhaev

Have you found all the Intel and cheats in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered? Show off your fruit-killing skills in the comments below.