Anthem Remove Items Damage Boost

Okay, did anyone actually test ANTHEM's stat-based inner workings before the game launched? The controversy for BioWare's looter shooter continues as players have once again found a clearly unintended way to boost their damage output. And yes, we did write 'again'. Just last week, we reported on the fact that you could get basic weapons to do more damage than endgame equipment, due to how the game's scaling system works.

This time, it's all about purposefully removing equipment so that your character's average power level increases, potentially allowing players to dramatically increase the damage of their melee, combo, and ultimate attacks. Most notably, you can automatically remove support items by making a new loadout, meaning that the game won't take lower level support equipment into account when it calculates your overall power.

It's the kind of thing that really makes you wonder how BioWare missed it to begin with, but then it's been abundantly clear from day one that ANTHEM was rushed to market.