ANTHEM PS4 PlayStation 4

In spite of some pretty damning analysis, ANTHEM soared straight to the number one spot in the UK's weekly retail chart. BioWare's looter shooter released to a rather cold reception, and even though it's atop the chart, it appears to have underperformed. The developer's last game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, sold more than double in its first week, and Destiny managed about ten times as much within the same timeframe. As always, it's important to remember this chart doesn't take digital sales into consideration.

With a big new release hitting store shelves, it's only natural the other titles move down to make room. Far Cry: New Dawn continues to sell well in second place, while chart mainstays like FIFA 19 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are still within the top five. Jump Force perhaps suffers the largest drop, going from its number four debut to number 17. Large new releases are beginning to slow down now, so don't expect too much to change until Devil May Cry 5 and The Division 2 arrive in March.

UK Sales Charts: Week Ending 23rd February, 2019

  2. Far Cry: New Dawn
  3. FIFA 19
  4. Red Dead Redemption 2
  5. Metro: Exodus
  6. Forza Horizon 6
  7. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
  8. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  9. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
  10. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate