Anthem Sales

ANTHEM hasn't done too hot in the UK, according to initial sales info from industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, also known as ZhugeEX. We'll have more details soon, once the full UK charts are available, but right now, it doesn't sound good as far as BioWare's latest is concerned.

According to Ahmad, ANTHEM only managed to sell around ten percent of the copies that the original Destiny did back when it launched in 2014. Perhaps even more damning, Mass Effect: Andromeda's first week sales were more than double that of ANTHEM. Neither example paints a particularly pretty picture.

The one caveat here is the growing digital market. ANTHEM may have done significantly better through platforms like the PlayStation Store, but there's no sure way of knowing at this point. Still, it's not like physical sales suddenly don't matter -- this could well be an early sign that ANTHEM's going to struggle commercially.

And let's not forget: EA wants ANTHEM to sell six million copies in six weeks. The publisher better hope that those digital numbers really do make up the difference.