Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy PS4 PlayStation 4

Capcom's courtroom adventure games are heading to PS4 in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy -- the first time the series has appeared on PlayStation. Recently, the game launched in Japan, and we also got a look at the collection's trophy list, which hinted at a western release not too far away.

As it turns out, the trilogy will head west in just over a month's time. The publisher has today announced the release date: 9th April 2019.

"Both greenhorns experiencing their first day in court and veterans who can tell the difference between a ladder and a step-ladder will be able to enjoy the early days of Phoenix Wright in this bundle of games, complete with a modern UI and other improvements for current consoles," says Capcom on its blog. "Everything you know and love about Ace Attorney is here, including the characteristic investigations, courtroom antics, updated autopsy reports, and zany cast of characters that define everything that these games are known for."

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