Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy PS4 PlayStation 4

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy brings the first three titles to PlayStation 4 in the spring, meaning the trophies were bound to appear sooner or later. A couple of days ahead of the Japanese release, we have the full list of trinkets you'll be able to earn in the courtroom, and it looks like they'll be pretty easy.

Of the 31 trophies, 16 of them can be earned simply by clearing the three games, one of which will trigger simply by starting to play. The rest will pop when you perform specific actions, have particular conversations, or reach certain endings within each of the three titles, and it all looks very achievable to us. If you're curious to know exactly what scenarios are needed for each trophy, check out the list through here.

What do you think of the trophy list for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy? Are you excited to play this trio of Game Boy Advance titles on PS4? Remember, you're under oath in the comments below.