The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan PS4 PlayStation 4

Supermassive Games found success this generation with the release of its narrative horror title, Until Dawn. The well liked PlayStation 4 exclusive featured lots of Quantic Dream-esque branching pathways, leading to multiple different endings depending on who you managed to keep alive in the mountainside cabin.

This is an area the developer is looking to explore further with its multi-platform Dark Pictures Anthology series, with the first game, Man of Medan, arriving this year. However, the studio has also said it has "several" PS4 exclusives in the works, although we don't know anything about those at the moment.

A new trademark filed by Supermassive has been discovered, and it bears the title 'House of Ashes'. That's as much information as we have right now, but the question is whether this new game is part of the Dark Pictures Anthology, or one of the developer's PS4 exclusive games. The fact the applicant for the trademark is Supermassive Games rather than SIE leads us to believe it's probably the former, but obviously, there's not much to go on.

We'll have to play the waiting game, but in the meantime, what do you think House of Ashes will be? Is it a new exclusive game, or will it be part of Bandai Namco's Dark Pictures Anthology? Rise from the ashes in the comments below.