Until Dawn PS4 PlayStation 4 Sony 1

Guildford-based developer Supermassive Games may be going multiformat with Until Dawn’s spiritual successor The Dark Pictures Anthology, but its relationship with Sony is still as strong as ever. Man of Medan will launch next year on the PlayStation 4, but we should expect more PlayStation exclusives from the studio in the future.

Speaking with Russian website 4PDA, gaffer Pete Samuels revealed the following: “Well, our relationship with Sony is still excellent. We are working on several unannounced PlayStation exclusives. It’s impossible to talk about them in detail.”

While there’s been talk of an Until Dawn sequel, we think that’s highly unlikely considering its new slate of survival horror titles will attempt to tick that box. Instead, we’re expecting more experimental titles from the company, such as Tumble VR and Hidden Agenda. Hopefully more is revealed in the near future.

[source 4pda.ru, via 4pda.ru]