Have you been wondering what Rock Band studio Harmonix has been up to lately? The developer has been awfully quiet for a while, but today it announced its brand new game. It's called Audica, and it's a virtual reality rhythm shooter. Using dual pistols, you'll be firing at various targets in time to the music, and it looks pretty cool. Watch the above trailer to get an idea of how it'll play.

Audica will be launching in early access in March for PC VR devices, but director of communications Dan Walsh has stated that it hopes to bring the game to PlayStation VR later in the year. As big fans of Beat Saber here at Push Square Towers, any new rhythm titles coming to PSVR is an exciting prospect, and Harmonix is one of the best musical devs in the business.

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to get our hands on it, but from this glimpse at gameplay, it's already looking like a promising experience. Whether it can top the simple, cathartic joy of Beat Saber remains to be seen. Do you like the look of Audica? Feel the rhythm in the comments below.

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