Anthem All Vendor Locations & Roles PS4 Guide 1

What does each vendor in ANTHEM have to offer? And where on the map are they? While the in-game map may offer some help when it comes to what's what, we've got some information that may help you in your travels. Here's the location of every vendor in Fort Tarsis and what their roles are.

All Vendor Locations & Roles in ANTHEM

Anthem All Vendor Locations & Roles PS4 Guide 2


Here, you'll able to check the latest news and posts surrounding all things ANTHEM. Messages from the developers, hints and tips, and posts about new content and patches will all be found here.


Challenges is where you'll find the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Trials. Find out what it is you need to do in order to acquire the rewards, and how close you are to completing them. You can also find out how much time is left for you to finish them off.

Alliance System

The Alliance System allows you to earn Coin in accordance with how you and your friends are doing in the game. Here, you can track how much you'll earn at the end of the reset, along with how much each of the players on your friends list are contributing.


At the Vault, you can store and re-acquire every weapon and piece of gear you've picked up as part of your travels. Store parts for other Javelins, consumables, and crafting materials here so that it doesn't take up part of your inventory. Handy for things you're planning on getting back to later.

This is where you can spend the premium currency Shards or your own coins on cosmetic items for your Javelins. The gear found within will rotate in and out every couple of days.

Start Expedition

This is where you can select missions to take on out in the open-world. You can also enter Freeplay and test your skills inside the three Strongholds from here.


Customise your Javelins to your heart's content at the Forge. Here, equip the new weapons and gear you found out in the field, or craft upgrades to make them even more powerful.

Launch Bay

A condensed version of Fort Tarsis that also acts as a social space where you can group up with other players if you so wish. The majority of vendors found in Fort Tarsis can also be quickly interacted with here.

This guide will be further updated as and when more vendors reveal themselves, or others are added to the game.