Marvel's Spider-Man Fantastic Four Update PS4 PlayStation 4
Image: ResetEra

Remember a while back when Marvel heavily hinted at some Fantastic Four related content coming to Marvel's Spider-Man? Well, the popular PS4 exclusive has just received an update, taking it to version 1.14. The patch, which weighs in at about 230MB, seems to be the promised Fantastic Four update, adding two new Spidey suits to the game free of charge. You can see them below in pictures from ResetEra user Chopin the Third:

The suits have been added to the game as part of Marvel's week-long Fantastic Four celebration which, er, ended a while ago. Nevertheless, the costumes are now in the game, and fans will likely know what to expect. The two new outfits are the white and black Future Foundation suit and the Bombastic Bag-Man suit, which sees Peter Parker don a Fantastic Four costume with a paper bag covering his face. If the patch notes are to be believed, nothing else has been added, aside from a couple of bug fixes.

Still, it's a nice little extra. Are you pleased to see these two suits in Marvel's Spider-Man? Pick your favourite in the comments below.