DriveClub PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Let’s be honest: the PlayStation 4 is a pathetic platform for racing games, as our Best PS4 Racing Games guide indicates. Every time we take a moment to update that, we’re continuously flabbergasted by the poor selection of candidates vying for inclusion. To be fair, it’s an indictment of the genre as a whole, which outside of a select few brands, has been dying out since the PlayStation 3 days.

There are a handful of good racing games on the PS4, though, and DriveClub is one of them. In fact, according to GT Planet, it’s the most-played racing game on Sony’s current-gen console. The publication crunched data from a recent PlayStation stat-tracking site to determine that around 10.5 million people have played Evolution’s simcade release. It’s an estimate, but likely close to the mark.

Of course it’s worth remembering that the title was famously given away with PlayStation Plus at one point, which will have boosted its numbers compared to Gran Turismo Sport, which is currently sitting around 6.6 million players. Still, it’s a shame we’ll never get a sequel as there was potential in this series, and with the PS4 so light on good racers, we could probably do with another first-party one.