Dragon Age 4 rumour

Ooooh, now things are getting spicy. Following on from BioWare teasing a Dragon Age-related announcement last week, VentureBeat reports that Dragon Age 4 is indeed in development at the studio, and yes, BioWare is going to show something Dragon Age-related at The Game Awards. Put two and two together and you have to assume that we'll see a very early glimpse of Dragon Age 4 at Geoff Keighley's event later this week.

However, sources say that Dragon Age 4 is "at least three years away", so whatever we see on Thursday night, it's probably not going to be anything significant. The report also states that BioWare hasn't even settled on an official title for the project yet.

Interesting stuff, but are you bothered about seeing the next Dragon Age supposedly so early? Heat things up in the comments section below.

[source venturebeat.com]