Grand Theft Auto PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Some smart statisticians have crunched the player numbers for a bunch of PlayStation 4 titles, using a combination of data from Sony’s popular My PS4 Life videos and Trophy completion percentages. It’s not a fool proof algorithm, as we don’t know the exact period of time that the aforementioned social videos track – or how accurate they actually are to begin with.

Nevertheless, we’d imagine these figures are somewhere within the ballpark of reality. A game like Grand Theft Auto V, for example, has apparently been played by over 51 million people, which sounds roughly accurate to us. It’s followed by a trio of FIFA titles and Minecraft, which again makes sense. Rocket League’s been played by around 22.6 million people, with a further 16.2 million trying Fortnite.

Of course, this data will only track consoles that have been connected to the Internet, and the numbers will be bolstered by rentals and game sharing – it’s not indicative of any hard sales data at all. It’s quite interesting to browse through, though – The Walking Dead: The Final Season is right near the bottom of the list with just 35,800 players, which perhaps explains Telltale closure.