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Sony appears to be anchoring a new game development team to its Visual Arts Services Group division. For those of you who don’t know, the San Diego-based VASG has been leveraged by various first-party developers for motion capture work, but it’s been quietly recruiting talent from around the world to form a new first-party studio in the area. That group is widely believed to be taking the reins of Uncharted while Naughty Dog explores new ideas.

And fresh job listings reinforce the theory. “We are looking for a highly talented, motivated, and creative Lead Character Artist for the next chapter of cinematic story-telling,” one listing states. Meanwhile, an advertisement for a Senior Gameplay Animator references “high quality, third-person, action/adventure games”. It’s not definitive proof of anything, of course, but it’s yet more fuel on the fire, isn’t it?

[source boards.greenhouse.io, via resetera.com]